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Wgu Transfer Agreements

Transfer terms for current and returning WGU students are presented below. Sign up for a webinar to learn more about the move to WGU. For applicants preparing for registration, the first step towards obtaining transfer credits is to submit your old university transcripts to the WGU. We will check them out and let you know how many transferable credits you have. WGU students who wish to change universities before or after completing their studies at the WGU should consider the following: If you have taken courses or have graduated from another university or university, you are probably wondering what will move to a WGU program. Talk to a registration counsellor for more information about what can be passed on. You must submit official copies of your transcripts for official evaluation. The WGU has a strong relationship with community colleges in the United States. Students moving from an American community college can expect a comprehensive transfer policy.

WGU has community-based university partners in the United States. If you want to do a first self-assessment of the transfers for which you can qualify, you can browse our De Community College Partner site by country. Please note that this tool is for desktop users. Any questions you encounter can be resolved by a linguistic link to the registration. Yes, yes. If you are applying for a bachelor`s degree and have completed a university education at another university, you can have your transcripts evaluated and perhaps have some or all of the requirements for lower department courses billed with transfer credits. In some programs, professional certifications may meet additional requirements. The WGU is regionally accredited with the NWCCU, which is good news for anyone who wants to earn credits with us and transfer them relatively easily to another school. That is, each university or university sets its own criteria, so they have the final say on what transfers and what is not.

Be sure to check the details of your transmission guidelines, but it is very likely that the process will be similar to the transmission to the WGU. If you have taken courses or graduated from a community school or other university or university, you are probably already on your way to a WGU degree. You can almost always transfer credits if you send license or diploma transcripts associated with the WGU for a university transfer evaluation. Learn more about our generous wire transfer credit policy by exploring this page. Saylor Direct course without a course, which is included in WGU`s transfer policies, can help you complete your degree at a much lower cost. Take the next steps at If you come from another institution at WGU, it is very likely that you will have some license credits that will be transferred. From AP credits, simultaneous enrollment courses, junior college credit and more, there are many ways to transfer credits. As there are so many options, it is helpful to talk to a registration advisor to get everything in order. What credit hours can I transfer to the WGU? Previous courses must be relevant. If your pre-study directly meets the requirements of your WGU license, you can take one or more required courses with a lower division.

However, if your course work has been in areas that do not meet WGU requirements, the amount of transfer credit you will receive may be limited.