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State Farm Parent Driver Agreement

In the parent-teen contract, a clause on travel as a passenger in another teen`s car can be valuable, says Sue Duchak, senior director of the Allstate Foundation`s Teen Safety Driving Program. „Parents can use a contract to encourage their teens to come forward when they are driving or driving in a dangerous situation,“ Says Duchak. Young drivers need a lot of time and exercise to develop safe and defensive driving skills and self-confidence behind the wheel. This safety training program is designed to help newer drivers learn and practice safe driving habits. True or false: Fast acceleration or delay and zigzag on the road are typical of typical driving of a drunk driver. According to the NOYS/Allstate FOUNDATION survey, 83% of teens admit to talking while driving with their mobile phone and 68 percent say they wrote behind the wheel. Both activities were found to be more dangerous than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. True or false: the driver is responsible for the fact that all passengers are duly restrained. Some driver`s licence laws stipulate that a young person with a trial or apprenticeship licence should have only one teenager at a time. Meg Kramer, founder of the StreetSafe Driving Academy in Bryn Mawr, Dad, recommends that a young person who is learning not to have young passengers at all, and „that`s because the risk of an accident is incredibly high.“ True or False: A common mistake for a new driver is to under-control when changing lanes.

Parent-teen driving contracts are available from the CDC and AAA. The parent-teen contract should emphasize the importance of not drinking during the trip. According to the latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16-20 year olds are responsible for 17% of alcohol-related deaths. With each other non-family smuggler, who is also a teenager, an unattended teenage driver increases his risk of a crash, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Ideally, parents and youth should agree on a premium that the teen driver will receive if each part of the contract is met. The contract thus serves the interests of the parents and their young person. For parents, there will be an assurance that their teenage driver will follow the rules of the police and family authorities. For teens, it will help them drive safely and will also serve as a roadmap to the reward, which was established during conversations with their parents.

True or false: It is important to give risky drivers extra space around your car. To ensure that your novice driver stays accident-free — and to ensure that your auto insurance premiums don`t increase further — road safety organizations and auto insurance recommend that families enter into a parent-teen driver contract.