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Prenuptial Agreement Indiana

It is important to consult a lawyer if you are considering writing or signing a marriage pact. Our Indianapolis family lawyers can verify the agreement with you and dispel any concerns you have about the language of the contract. An experienced lawyer can also help you negotiate all the points of the agreement you want to change. Marriage contracts may be revoked or amended after marriage if both parties consent and submit a new document. A pre-marriage agreement can address a wide range of issues, including: IC 31-11-3-5 content; 1. The rights and obligations of each party on one or both of them, when and where they are acquired or located, may be concluded between the parties to a pre-marital agreement. (2) The right to buy: (A) (B) sell; (C) use; (D) exchanges; (E) the task; (F) leasing; (G) consume; (H) charges; (I) subpoena; (J) create an interest in safety; (K) the mortgage; (L) charge; (M) get rid of waste; or (N) manage and control in another way; property. (3) The property provision in accordance with: (A) separation from legal separation; (B) dissolution of marriage; (C) death; or (D) the appearance or absence of another event. (4) The modification or elimination of marriage expectation. (5) Establishment of: (A) a Testament; (B) a position of trust; or (C) other provision; comply with the terms of the agreement. (6) The ownership rights of death insurance and the scheduling of life insurance. (7) The choice of the right to build the agreement. (8) Any other case that is not contrary to public order or a law imposing a criminal sanction, including the rights and obligations of the personality of the parties.

b) A pre-marriage agreement must not interfere with a child`s right to assistance. As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.3. The takeaway of this blog is that prenupes can be simple tools to protect the assets that a spouse introduces into the marriage, or, much more with extensive implications in case the marriage ends, for the less authorized spouse, by divorce or death of his partner. It is clear that prenups are good tools that, in some cases, must be considered and used to decide the future in advance and minimize costs and conflicts in the event of death or divorce. You can however be much, much more and, frankly, destroy your future by train. Know this and consider and enter a prenupe after consultation with experienced consultants. Or you can pay the price, literally. This blog was written by lawyers from Ciyou-Dixon, P.C. who handle domestic matters of all kinds, including marital agreements, throughout the state of Indiana.

This blog is not intended as legal advice or an invitation to purchase services. It`s a commercial. A matrimonial agreement is nothing more than a contract that defines how certain issues are dealt with and determines whether the parties` marriage fails later (or if a spouse dies). The most common scenario in which prenupes are used occurs when a spouse has a significantly higher number of assets. Prenup generally protects these assets related to marriage from being shared with the other spouse in the event of divorce (or death). These agreements are authorized by law in Indiana and are generally applicable, unless they attempt to specify terms for children who may be born between the parties. However, since prenups are contracts and there is a constitutional right to contract, some parties often enter into far more contracts than they can cause considerable hardship to a spouse unaware of divorce or death. This blog deals with the three biggest „No-No`s“ for Les Prenups. The best way to protect your rights in a marital or post-ascendancy agreement is to speak with a competent family law lawyer.