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Ideo Team Agreements

These questions sent me and a few colleagues on a mission. We are committed to creating a common vocabulary for criticism that is broad enough to meet today`s challenges. We started with the question: what qualities do we most associate with creative excellence in our work? And how can criticism contribute to our solutions having the desired effect? We imagined a first prototype and tested it with teams in the wild. Choreographing a meeting – In this task, you design and implement a moment of convergence or divergence for your team. „Each IDEO project team has full autonomy and authority to set the agenda, redefine the design mission, hire the right people, manage their right budget, and do whatever it takes to arrive at what they believe will be effective design,“ says Dana. We recently interviewed IDEO`s Dana Cho to find out how the design company`s project managers use their autonomy to lead teams that innovate. In other projects, we used different tools to achieve this transparency, including WhatsApp groups, Slack messages, and physical field postcards. These channels keep everyone informed. To find out what`s coming, at appropriate doses, makes the design process less mysterious Craft Team Agreements – In this task, design and perform a session to establish a set of team agreements…