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Cleaning Services Agreement Form

Simply get service requests with details using this service request form. Rewards. This Agreement may be executed in equivalents, each of which shall be considered original, but all shall be considered together as the same Agreement. A signed copy of this agreement, provided by fax. E-mails or other electronic means of transmission have the same legal effect as the service of an original signed copy of this agreement. The holder shall not be permitted to communicate or disclose such confidential information without the written permission of the procuring entity, unless required by law. The obligation of confidentiality of the holder is maintained for an indefinite period for the termination of this cleaning contract. This cleaning contract is concluded on [agreement. CreatedDate] between [Sender.Company] (provider) and [Client.Company] (client) (client), collectively referred to as „parties“. Accessories and equipment. The Licensee shall make available, at its own expense, its own cleaning products and equipment necessary for the provision and completion of the services provided for in this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties. If the contracting entity does not supply the agreed supplies, the contracting authority understands that it is responsible for reimbursing the contractor for all costs incurred. Contractor`s contact details: Customer`s contact details: The service provider draws up a complete invoice every 30 days for all the services provided.

The supplier will use its own products and consumables. If the customer requests the use of special or hypoallergenic products, the customer must inform the supplier before the start of cleaning. The customer can supply the product. If the customer requests the supplier to use specialized products, additional fees may be charged. In the event that the contractor has to cancel a scheduled cleaning date, the customer is informed twenty-four hours in advance by telephone and confirmed in writing. If the Contractor fails to inform twenty-four (24) hours in advance, the Customer shall receive one (1) free cleaning for each event. Independent concierges can use a cleaning contract to create new guests and, in particular, perform only the services defined in the agreement. The client wants to benefit from cleaning services from the service provider and this photo contract form allows your clients to book a meeting, sign the agreement and submit it online.

You can make a photo contract available to your customers via this simple photo session contract. For example, they may only need to empty their furniture every two weeks if they live alone. But if they own a dog or cat, they might want you to suck their furniture at least twice a week.