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Brics Agreement

In August 2019, BRICS communications ministers signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies. This agreement was signed in the fifth edition of the meeting of the ministers of communications of the member countries of the group. [40] The agreement was signed at the fifth meeting of the BRICS Communications Minister in Brasilia. 40. We also stress the importance of creating a legal framework for co-operation between the BRICS in order to ensure security in the use of ICTs. We take note of the activities of the WORKING GROUP on BRICS Security in the Use of ICTs and welcome the work of reviewing and developing proposals in this regard, including a BRICS Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation to Ensure Security in the Use of ICTs and bilateral agreements between the BRICS. We reaffirm international commitments in the fight against terrorism in all its forms and underline the importance of unity in the fight against terrorist organisations in Syria, as stated by the UN Security Council. We stress the importance of enabling unhindered humanitarian assistance, in line with UN humanitarian principles and the post-conflict reconstruction of Syria, which would create the necessary conditions for the safe, voluntary and dignified return of Syrian refugees and displaced persons to their permanent places of residence, thereby contributing to long-term stability and security in Syria and the region in general. . . .