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Agreement Taxi Maroc

Nearly 14,000 taxis in circulation in Casablanca don`t 6,000 whites. Driver`s license over 5 years old, medical certificate and technical examination before obtaining a trusted license. Licensed owner, taxi owner, rental driver and intermediary: a slew of actors intervene in the circuit. Daily inspection and quarterly technical visit aim to protect customers. Large taxis are almost exclusively older Mercedes-Benz W123 diesel sedans. In a few rare cases, Opel Senators serve as a large taxi. Large taxis in the same area must all paint their cars the same color; often white, ochre or olive green. The colours of Grands-Taxis in a region are generally different from those of Petits-Taxis in the same region; in Marrakech, however, both are ochre in color. The small red plates at the front and/or rear indicate their city of origin and a license plate.